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1) Friend request ASH KETCHUM 95 or PROFESSOR OAK 1 on Xbox Live

3) Receive Xbox Live message from ASH KETCHUM 95 or PROFESSOR OAK 1 on match days


NOTE: Do not ask us for an invite. We will invite you when the match is starting. Failure to follow these instructions will result in you receiving an angry message.


Again, do not ask us for an invite. We will invite you.

4) Read the message to find out what time the match is taking place


NOTE: The message will state the match start-time in PST (Pacific Standard Time). Below is a map that will help you find out which time zone you live in.

As an example, let's say you live in New York. You want to play in a match that we say starts at 1:00PM. Being you live in the EST (Eastern Standard Time) zone, you would show up to the match at 4:00PM your time.

5) Show up to the match. Feel free to bring your friends and have fun!

2) Take a couple seconds to read either of our bios in Xbox Live


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